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Whether you’re dropping off a loved one for a trip, or picking up a friend after their holiday, there are various free and paid-for parking options available at Glasgow International Airport.

Glasgow Airport Pick Up & Drop off options


Express Pick Up & Drop Off

Glasgow Airport's Pick up & Drop-off areas are located directly outside the main terminal building in car park 2. So, you can pull up right outside, where you can touch down just long enough to unload luggage. An easy and quick option. This can be a very congested area and is only suited for a conveniently close and quick pick up or drop off.

Pick Up & Drop Off will be charged at £4 to stay for up to 10 minutes from 00:01 on Friday 4th December 2020. Drivers wishing to use parking facilities for more than 10 minutes are advised to use the Short Stay car park.

Passengers with electric vehicles will be able to access the pick-up and drop-off facility directly opposite the terminal free of charge for the first 10 minutes. Electric vehicle users must pre-register for free access for the first 10 minutes here.

Keen to meet your passenger in the arrivals area? Our Short Stay car parks are located just minutes away from the terminal. You can park, meet your friends or family, and help them transport their luggage back to the car.

While you’re waiting, take advantage of our free WiFi and keep an eye on flight information to find out when your passenger is due to land.

We recommend that the Short Stay car park is used for dropping off passengers who require extra assistance.  Please see the section below regarding blue badge holders.

If drivers choose to stay in the Express Drop-off for longer than 10 minutes, they will pay a premium charge on exit. 

Payment can be made at the forecourt exit barrier using correct change or credit/debit cards, contactless technology is also in place (there is no additional fee for using cards). A change machine is available within the shelter located on the forecourt.

GLA - Icon - Blue Badge Parking

Blue Badge Holders

We recommend that the Short Stay car park is used for dropping off passengers who require extra assistance. You can find all the information you need on our special assistance services here.

Drivers with a blue badge should NOT use the pick-up and drop-off facility. Blue badge holders should use Car Park 2 opposite the terminal building for picking up and dropping off.

All blue badge holders have a 30-minute free drop off & pick up window in car park 2. On exiting the car park press the buzzer at the barrier, just have your blue badge ready as we require the 13 digit number on the exit of the car park.

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What Kind of Parking Do You Need?

GLA - Icon - Long Stay Parking

Long Stay Parking

Conveniently located close to the airport, the Glasgow Airport Long Stay car park offers great value for money and shuttle transfers to the terminal. This is our cheapest parking option and perfect for those longer trips.  Find out more about Long Stay parking

GLA - Icon - Short Stay Parking

Short Stay Parking

Located right outside the terminal, you can walk straight from your car into the terminal building. Park in our 500+ space multi-story car park. Find out more about Short-Stay parking


GLA - Icon - Fast Track Parking

Fast Track Parking

Our closest parking product and includes access to priority security for your whole party size, so it’s the quickest way to get to your gate. Undercover, wider bays.  Maximum 5 priority security entries per car.  Find out more about Fast Track parking


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